Women of Wisdom

  •  “Transforming the Lives of Women Students at Prince George’s Community College”  

    President's Quote

    The Women of Wisdom program will transform the lives of young women through exceptional educational and professional development experiences. The college is committed to student success, and this program will give students the opportunity to learn from women representing a variety of career fields and share their individual personal goals within the context of higher education.” Dr. Charlene M. Dukes  

    About Women of Wisdom

    The Women of Wisdom (W.O.W.) program is “transforming the lives of women students at Prince George’s Community College. W.O.W. is a highly comprehensive and specialized program, designed to provide unique opportunities for women students at Prince George’s Community College, to enhance their academic, personal, and professional development, in a holistic environment.”


    Empowering the women student of Prince George’s Community College, through education, personal and professional development.


    Transforming the lives of women students at Prince George’s Community College.

    Participant Requirements

    • Complete enrollment application
    • Current enrollment at Prince George’s Community College, part-time or full-time
    • Commitment to complete the program and educational goals
    • Attend the W.O.W. orientation
    • Complete the W.O.W. application and intake forms
    • Meet with designated advisor at least twice per semester
    • Meet with Program Manager for academic and career coaching
    • Attend 8 mandatory workshops each semester, as well as the Annual Women's Summit
    • Agree to be paired with a W.O.W. mentor
    • Attend the Annual Banquet & Pinning Ceremony
    • Complete end-of-year/semester evaluation 

    Program Components:

    • Orientation
    • Academic & Career Coaching 
    • Workshops 
    • Reading Circle 
    • Mentoring
    • Annual Women's Summit 
    • Retreat
    • Community Service
    • Annual Banquet 
    • Culiminating and Pinning Ceremony
    • Program Evaluation

    Workshops Include:

    • Keys to Success Series (I.e., EduPlan, communication and critical thinking skills)
    • Achieving Academic Success through Time Management
    • Recognizing & Celebrating Strengths
    • Fostering Emotional Intelligence 
    • Civility Matters
    • You are a Leader, Now Move Forward
    • How Diversity Enhances Your Life as Student and a Leader
    • Social Media, Academics and You
    • Career and Personal assessment and development
    • Internship/cooperative education experiences  

    W.O.W. Track I: Visioning & Planning Your Success  

    • Each participant must complete and manage her EduPlan
    • Each participant must develop and present her vision board
    • Each participant must attend at least one transfer activity
    • Each participant must develop and present a mini workshop or book discussion  

    W.O.W. Track II: Implementing Your Success (2nd Year and Beyond) 

    • Each participant must update and manage her EduPlan
    • Each participant must revisit and present her vision board
    • Each participant must attend at least one transfer activity
    • Each participant must develop and present a mini workshop or book discussion
    • Each participant must create and present a career portfolio project
    • Each participant must engage in a community service opportunity  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What was the catalyst that made you realize that a program like this was needed? Historically, the College had women’s programs; however, they became student clubs. During the 2011Women’s Summit, the participants overwhelmingly requested that a program similar to the Diverse Male Student Initiative be created. W.O.W. is the response to the request.
    2. Is this a feminist program? No. While many of the discussions will focus on the challenges of being a woman, the foundation is not built on the feminist framework, but on student development theory.
    3. Please provide three (3) goals of the W.O.W organization and where does the organization plan to be as a program in five (5) years? The overall goal of the program is “To identify, educate, and develop personally and professionally, the women students of Prince George’s Community College”. Within five years, the membership is expected to be over 400 women, and will be offered at the extension centers.
    4. The group of women is large and of diverse backgrounds and academic needs, how will their specific needs be addressed? Will there be sub-sets or individual attention? There will be many opportunities to participate in individual sessions as well as smaller group sessions in order to meet the needs of the participants.
    5. What can we expect next? What are the next steps, besides the next training and next summit? Program participants can expect a quality comprehensive program. There are many sessions that will be offered (Women’s Summit, mandatory sessions and workshops and a retreat.
    6. What does W.O.W expect from us? As program participants we expect you to attend and participate in the sessions. We also expect that you will demonstrate the benefits that derive from being a W.O.W woman.
    7. How often will the cohort meet? The program participants will be required to attend orientation, academic and career coaching sessions with the program manager, 8 mandatory workshops, Women's Summit, special events on campus, and off-campus educational experiences.
    8. Will there be a web presence for this program outside of Facebook or Twitter? Yes, we will create a webpage. Program documents will be available on the student portal. Our twitter account W.O.Watpgcc. Our Facebook page name is Women of Wisdom at Prince George’s Community College.
    9. How will the women of W.O.W officially support the program after they graduate or after their first semester? The Alumnae can support the program through the College’s Foundation and Alumni Association http://www.pgcc.edu/alumni.

    Email: W.O.W. at wow@pgcc.edu
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  • Contact Information

    Dr. Stephanie Pair, MSW, CIC, PCC
    Program Manager,Women of Wisdom Program


    301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774, Marlboro Hall, Room 2102/2103,



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