Diverse Male Student Initiatives

  •  Diverse Male Student Initiatives Journey

    The Diverse Male Student Initiatives (DMSI) are an experiential, year-long program offered by Prince George’s Community College. It  explores ideas and develops practical skills for effectively involving and empowering men to assume leadership roles. The initiatives' purpose is to have a program that supports men and helps them focus their energies toward self-improvement and  community involvement.

    Prince George’s Community College is one of the most diverse community colleges in the state — enrolling more than 40,000 students each year and representing 103 countries throughout the world. Multiple course offerings keep our average class size to about 20 students. Nearly 800 students graduate each year with an associate’s degree, certificate, or letter of recognition. The Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Associate of Arts in Teaching degrees are awarded upon successful completion of transfer programs designed to parallel the first two years of a bachelor’s degree and ease transfer to a four-year college or university.

    We have a place for you at Prince George’s Community College. The college provides high quality educational opportunities for the richly diverse, global population in Prince George’s County. Today, more than 100 programs of study, including credit and noncredit courses, as well as distance learning options, prepare students to embark on a new career, upgrade their employment skills, or transfer to a four-year institution. Through an open-admissions policy, the college maximizes access to excellent, convenient, and affordable academic and workforce development programs. The college is committed to helping students achieve their educational, employment, and enrichment goals.

    A Dream Made Real

    Community colleges across our nation must invest in the development of future leaders. Participation in this initiatives can result in talented individuals becoming more involved in neighborhood activities and organizations, contributing to economic growth by qualifying for higher paying jobs and becoming politically astute and active.

    Vision of the Initiative

    The Presidents’ Round Table, a national network of African-American Community College CEOs, hosted a “Call to Action” in Philadelphia at the annual meeting of the American Association of Community Colleges and vowed to focus on increasing the high school and college graduation rates for the diverse male student populations enrolled in the nation’s public high schools and community colleges. Utilizing a strategic approach that mirrors the accreditation regions for the country, the Presidents’ Round Table has pledged to support a national initiative with pilot projects in California, Illinois, Maryland, and Texas that recognizes the importance of access and opportunity for all members of the communities served by community colleges.

    The initiatives' purpose is to enhance educational attainment and leadership skills by:

    • Increasing participant’s knowledge of social, cultural, and economic drivers within Prince George’s County
    • Providing participants with skills that enhance their ability to take leadership roles within organizations in the college and external community
    • Developing a network among current and future leaders

    Session topics include:

    • Personalized goals assessment
    • Career and personal development
    • Leadership training
    • Communication enhancement
    • Personal and community leadership skills
    • Workforce preparation
    • Internship/cooperative education experiences
    • Diversity training

    Building the Capacity to Achieve

    Each participant is both a teacher and a student. The initiatives are an active experience in which participants are responsible for their own learning while sharing their talents with others.

    Participants should have a:

    • Desire to complete their education
    • Desire to enhance leadership and career skills
    • Desire to gain hands-on community experience
    • Desire to develop personal growth and character

    A diverse group of male candidates will be selected. Selection of participants is based on the following criteria:

    • Commitment to complete the entire initiatives program
    • Commitment to completing educational goals
    • Leadership potential
    • Interest in community affairs
    • Volunteer achievement and leadership at the occupational, personal or community level
    • Current enrollment at Prince George’s Community College


  • DMSI Documents

     You will only be able to print this application, it CANNOT be submitted online.  Please bring your completed application to the DMSI Office, Lanham Hall 101A. 301-546-5292. Thanks!