Honors Program & Academy

  • KYorkshire

    Welcome to the Honors Program and Honors Academy website at Prince George’s Community College!
    As coordinator of the Honors Program and Honors Academy, I am committed to helping honors students reach their academic potential while attending Prince George’s Community College. The Honors Program offers a rigorous curriculum, academic advising, curriculum planning, leadership development, and service and fellowship opportunities to its members. Students may apply to the Honors Program from any field of study. They may be part-time or full-time students, continuing students or new students to the college. Students may enroll in honors classes in a variety of formats. What all honors students share in common is that they are dedicated and hardworking students who lead by example. I encourage you to peruse our site to learn more about the Honors Program where academic excellence is nurtured, recognized and rewarded.
    Dr. Kathy L. Yorkshire, Coordinator

      Lindsey DodsonWelcome to the Honors Program.  I am here as your Advisor to help you with multi-semester class planning and degree program evaluation.  When you make an appointment with me, we will complete a transcript evaluation and review your degree requirements to create a plan for making sure the right classes are taken and that those classes are taken in the right order.  We will also plan where you can fit in Honors courses or Honors Contracts.  I am also the Phi Theta Kappa Advisor working with new inductees each semester.  If you have completed 15 college level credits and have a grade point average at 3.5 or higher, meet with me to learn about joining the Tau Pi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.  New Phi Theta Kappa members are inducted each fall and spring semester.  Come see me early in your Honors life at Prince George’s Community College.  Don’t wait until your last semester.  Also, get on the Math Path early!
    Professor Lindsey A. Dodson, Assistant Program Coordinator