Faculty Information

  • Welcome Laurel College Center Faculty!

    Welcome to the Laurel College Center! We think you will find teaching here a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. The following is important information that will be helpful as you begin teaching at LCC. If you have any further questions or requests, call us at the numbers listed above. Please feel free to come by and visit the center before the semester starts. If you ’ d like a tour of LCC, just give us a call!

    As you may know, LCC is a partnership between Prince George's Community College and Howard Community College. This unique partnership makes teaching here both exciting and a little challenging. For example, you will have PGCC and HCC students in your classroom, as well as two separate attendance rosters and two final grade rosters. Also, our semester calendar may be slightly different than the one for main campus (our semester is typically shorter, for example, and we are OPEN on College Enrichment Day). Even with these " challenges " we think you will find the helpful and dedicated staff, along with the smaller and more personal environment, adds up to the Laurel College Center being an excellent place to teach.

    General Information:

    DIRECTIONS: LCC is located at 312 Marshall Avenue, off Rte 1 and right next to the Laurel Shopping Center. For a map and directions, go to: http://www.laurelcollegecenter.org/maps.htm, If you need further information, please give us a call.


    PARKING: If you are teaching a class that begins before 5:00pm, you must come to the main office (room 205) to obtain a permit in order to park in the building ’ s parking lot. A main campus parking permit does not apply at the extension center. Faculty may also choose to park in the yellow outlined spaces at the Laurel Shopping Center, directly behind the building. There is a walkway between Books-a-Million and Sprint that leads to the second floor of our building.

    After 5:00pm and any time on Saturday: Students and Faculty may park in the building ’ s front and side parking lots. No parking permit is required at these times. Parking is free.

    OFFICE HOURS: In addition to normal operating hours, LCC ’ s main office is open and staffed whenever classes are being held. The office opens at 8:30am, Monday through Saturday, and remains open until the last student/instructor leaves. We are not open on Sunday. Please note: We close the center as soon as possible after the last scheduled class ends.

    SCHOOL CLOSINGS/DELAYS: The Laurel College Center follows the closing and delays of Prince George ’ s Community College. Please listen for radio and TV announcements about PGCC when there is inclement weather, or call 301-546-6000. The phone message for the Laurel College Center will also reflect any closings or delays, 1-866-228-6110 or 443-518-4162 (and may be easier to get through than the main campus line).

    Note: you will receive a Faculty Letter on the first day of your class with the current semester ’ s calendar (along with class rosters and a final exam schedule).

    TEXTBOOKS: LCC does not have an on-site bookstore. However, your textbook is available at both the HCC and PGCC bookstores. Students can order textbooks over the phone and online. At the student ’ s request, textbooks can be delivered directly to the Laurel College Center.

    RESTAURANTS: Yong ’ s Café, located on the second floor, is open 7am-3:30pm, Monday-Friday. The café is usually open 8:30am-1pm on Saturdays. There are also restaurants within easy walking distance in the Laurel Shopping Center.

    SECURITY: Security staff is present at the center during the evening classes and will remain until every student and faculty member has left the building. These guards are deputies from the Prince George ’ s County Sheriff ’ s Department, so don ’ t be surprised if you see them patrolling the halls! 

    What LCC Can Do For You:


    ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT: The staff at the Laurel College Center is here to support you in any way that we can. Our staff can assist you with AV, room, and other requests. Any typing job should be done through your department secretary on the Largo main campus (note: we do have computers and printers available for faculty use – see below). A copier is available for your teaching needs, but large copying jobs should be done on main campus.


    FACULTY WORKROOM: A faculty workroom is available on the second floor, next to the main office in room 204. A computer, printer, phone, and work area are available for your use. If you need a private office to meet with a student, please come to room 205 and one can be arranged for you. If there is not a class scheduled right before yours, you may also have office hours in your classroom immediately before class (and afterwards for day-time classes). Please check with the main office in room 205 for room availability.

    MAIL: There is a mailbox assigned to each credit instructor. They are located in the main office (room 205). We have interoffice mail to both HCC ’ s and PGCC ’ s main campuses on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Any mail that arrives for you from main campus will be put in your mailbox. PLEASE CHECK YOUR MAILBOX BEFORE EACH CLASS. For continuing education classes, mail will be delivered directly to the classroom.

    COPYING, PHONES, ETC: There is a copying machine (for faculty use only, students pay $.25/copy), fax machine, and TTY (also a microwave and refrigerator) available to you in the main office, room 205.

    Phones are available in the main office, as well as in the teacher ’ s workroom on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and the tech room on the 4th floor. The phones are a " 410 " area code, so some calls may be long distance. Dial " 9 " to get an outside line . PGCC ’ s main campus is long distance, so you must first dial a " 9 " and then " 1 " before the full 10-digit number. To get the Laurel College Center ’ s main office from one of the Center ’ s phones, dial x4162 or x4500. There is also a payphone on the 3rd floor, directly across from room 302.

    AV REQUESTS: TV/VCR/DVD players, Overheads, and Power Point carts are subject to availability, so be sure to reserve them as early as possible. Any other AV equipment, if available, will have to be ordered and delivered from main campus. Please allow ample time for this. The preferred method to reserve equipment is online through the LCC website,


    (use the " AV Request " link). If unable to reserve online, you can request equipment at the main office, room 205, or call us at 1-866-228-6110.

    If you have AV equipment in your classroom, please lock the door as you leave. Please let the staff in the main office know so the equipment can be retrieved and secured.

    CLASS ROSTERS, FINAL EXAM SCHEDULE, GRADE ROSTERS: Class rosters (one for PGCC students, and one for HCC students) and the final exam schedule will be in your mailbox on the first day of class. Please note that the final exam schedule may be different than main campus. All PGCC and HCC grade rosters will be sent to the Laurel College Center and put in your mailbox.

    OPEN COMPUTER LAB: There is an open computer lab available to all PGCC, HCC, and LCC students and faculty. The open lab ’ s hours are: Mon-Thurs, 8:30am-9:00pm, Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, and Sat., 8:30am-2:00pm. The lab is located in room 404.

    LIBRARY SERVICES: At the Laurel College Center, students can use the Open Computer Lab in room 404 to access the same research databases that are available at the library on the main campus. Library handouts including Remote Access Guides and multiple reference guides are available in the open lab. In addition, the college signed an agreement with the Prince George ’ s County Memorial Library System to address the information needs of faculty and students at off-campus locations. The Laurel Branch of PGCMLS is located close by at 507 7th Street. Their phone number is: 301-776-6790.

    ADMISSIONS, REGISTRATION, ADVISING: Admissions, Registration, and Student Advising are some of the services available at the Laurel College Center. Students can check for days and times for each service at the main office.


    What You Can Do For LCC:

    MAILBOXES: Please check your mailbox before each class. There could be important notices about the center, information on upcoming events, or interoffice mail from main campus.

    FACULTY INFORMATION CARD: Along with a Faculty Letter, class rosters, and final exam schedule, you will receive a Faculty Information Card on the first day of class. Please fill this out right away and return it to the main office in room 205. We keep this card on file and use it to contact you in case of emergencies. You also have the opportunity to tell us what information (home phone, work phone, email, cell phone), if any, we are allowed to give out to students who want to contact you.

    CLASSROOM MAINTENANCE: We try very hard to ensure that the classrooms are neat and orderly at the beginning of each class, but we need your assistance with the following:

    We don ’ t mind if you rearrange the room, but please return chairs and tables to their original positions.

    In consideration of the instruc tors that follow you, please erase the boards at the end of class.

    CLASS MEETING TIMES: Please let the main office know if you are not planning to hold your class at the assigned place and time. Alerting the main office also enables the staff to assist uninformed students.

    EATING/DRINKING: Eating and drinking are not allowed in any of the classrooms or computer labs. There is a breakroom located on the 4th floor, which is available for student/faculty use. Vending machines are located in the breakroom, as well as on the 3rd floor across from room 304. 

    Again, welcome to the Laurel College Center! We are very happy to have you here. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. To learn more about the Laurel College Center, please visit our webpage on PGCC ’ s website: www.pgcc.edu/extensioncenters/ , or visit our website at: www.laurelcollegecenter.org .