• FAQs for Prince George's Community College at Joint Base Andrews

    Who takes classes on Joint Base Andrews?
    Active duty military, their dependents and Joint Base Andrews Department of Defense personnel take classes the base. Civilians may register for a class meeting at Andrews from the Largo main campus. All civilians need a Long Term Badge. The base is large and classrooms are about 2 miles from the Main Gate, so driving to class is a necessity. Persons may get permission to walk onto Joint Base Andrews. There is no bus service on the base. We cannot be responsible for your safety or for transporting you to and from the Main Gate if you walk to class.
    What courses are offered at Joint Base Andrews?
    Mostly general education courses such as English, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Sciences, and Humanities. Courses needed for a General Studies degree are available at Andrews along with Management, Accounting and Criminal Justice courses. Our location dictates we offer what active duty military need to support their Community College of the Air Force degree, but civilians are welcome to participate in Andrews classes. Books are purchased on the Largo Campus or at http://www.pgccbookstore.com. Call 301-981-5949 for more information on Andrews ’ services.  

    How will I get on Joint Base Andrews once I’m registered to take my classes there?
    Your class registration can be done from any one of the college’s other locations or online through Owl Link. Please click on "Base Access Procedures" on this page for the specific dates and times the Andrews staff will be on the Largo main campus to issue "Request for Long Term Badge " forms to students who have paid their entire bill. These dates and times are also published in the printed credit schedule of classes every semester. If you are registered for a late starting weekend class, college staff is available on the first Friday night of your weekend class at the Visitor Center to assist you with the badge process and access to the base. Once you have your Long Term Badge, you may access the base. A map of classroom locations and directions to Andrews' classrooms can be printed from this site by clicking on "Directions".
    How does the Andrews Long Term Badge process work?
    The Andrews Visitor Center, off Allentown Road just inside the Main Gate, is where the base access process begins. Once you have received your " Request for a Long Term Badge " form from one of the Andrews college staff, take the form, your paid tuition receipt, driver's license, car insurance information and car registration to Joint Base Andrews Visitor Center. After presenting your documents to Security Forces staff, your Social Security Number is run through the National Crime Information Center. Your photo will be taken and your Long Term Badge processed. Your Long Term Badge does not allow you to bring people without badges on base. It is good only for YOU. It is good only for the times and days designated on the badge. You will be asked to leave the base if you try to enter other than at the times on your badge. When you come for class, proceed through the Main Gate to the check point, stop your car, roll down your window and show your Long Term Badge to the Security Police. Then proceed to your class location.
    Can I get an Andrews Long Term Badge if I am not a U.S. citizen, but I am a Permanent Resident?
    Yes. However, you must be a permanent resident or a U.S. citizen to get on base. You may be asked for more documentation by Security Forces. If you are not a citizen or a permanent resident, we ask that you take your classes at another extension center or on the Largo main campus.
    What happens if I'm stopped or searched at the security checkpoint on Andrews?
    It can be intimidating at first, but everyone gets used to going through the security checkpoint. Unfortunately, security procedures are a reality in the post 9-11 world. As long as you honor all base regulations, you will have no problems. Everyone, including military personnel, is subject to random car searches. We can provide you with more information on base regulations; just ask.
    Is it okay for my parent (spouse/friend) to drive me to my class on Joint Base Andrews?
    If your parent/spouse/friend is driving you to class, and does not have their own Long Term Badge or a military ID, you will not be able to get on the base. ONLY those civilians taking a class on base can get a Long Term Badge. "Chauffeurs" cannot get badges. You may arrange with a class member who has a Long Term Badge or military ID to pick you up outside the Allentown Road Main Gate if for some reason you cannot drive your own car on base. Make sure you have your Long Term Badge with you.