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Nursing and Allied Health

  • Nursing and Allied Health


    Admission to Clinical Health Sciences Programs

    Admission to the college does not guarantee admission into any of the health science clinical programs. The programs listed below have limited enrollment capacity and rigorous academic standards. Each requires additional procedures for selective admission, initial enrollment, and continuation in the program. Therefore,there is a special process, called petitioning, associated with admission into each program. Interested students must contact an advisor to discuss the petitioning process and the minimum requirements in place for each clinical program.

    Health Information Management†

    Medical Assisting

    Medical Coder/Billing Specialist

    Nuclear Medicine Technology†

    Nursing (LPN)

    Nursing (RN)

    Nursing LPN to RN Transition


    Paramedic to RN Transition


    Respiratory Therapy†

    Surgical Technology

    *Employees of the Prince George’s County Fire/EMS Department will receive priority admission.

    Designated as either Health Manpower Shortage or Statewide Instructional Programs.


    • Priority will be given to admission of Prince George’s County residents when possible. However, in programs designated as Statewide Instructional Programs, 10 percent of the available seats will be reserved for residents of other Maryland counties until the petitioning deadline published in this catalog has passed. Remaining seats will then be made available without regard to county of residence. Per the articulation agreement with the College of Southern Maryland (CSM), the Radiography and Respiratory Therapy programs reserve 25 percent of their seats for transfer students from CSM until the petitioning deadline published in the college catalog has passed. At that time, any remaining seats become available to the best qualified petitioners still in the pool, regardless of Maryland County of residence. 
    • Out-of-state residents will be accepted only if remaining seats exist after all qualified Maryland residents have been admitted. Students attending the college on a non-domiciliary visa, as determined by the college,will not be considered for admission to any of these programs. Students petitioning to these programs must submit a copy of their social security card as part of their petition.
    •  Students interested in petitioning for admission to any of these programs must first meet with an advisor to obtain a list of admission criteria and prerequisite coursework. The petition for program admission should not be completed until all criteria have been met or the student is enrolled in and attending the last prerequisite course. Students currently enrolled in one health science clinical program may not petition for admission to another clinical program. Students who wish to enroll in a different clinical program must officially graduate or withdraw from the current program before filing a petition for a new clinical program. Advisors’ offices are located in Bladen Hall, Room 124. Call 301-546-0151 for more information. 
    • A criminal background check and drug screen are required of all students in the health science clinical programs. Social security numbers will be verified as part of the background check. Continued participation in each program is contingent upon a satisfactory response on the background check and drug screen. All information on the background check and drug screen remains confidential. If a clinical agency denies clinical placement for a student because of the background check or drug screen, that student may not be able to complete the clinical program. The cost of the criminal background check and drug screen is the responsibility of the student.Specific information related to the process used for obtaining a criminal background check and drug screen will be discussed with students at orientation. For a current price of the criminal background check and drug screen, please contact Students,at their own expense, may also be required to submit to random urine drug testing at clinical sites. Results of random urine drug testing may result in the student not being able to complete the clinical program. 
    • All students in health science clinical programs are requiredto submit a completed health assessment form, verifying general health, immunization status, and ability to meet the program’s technical standards. Students with incomplete health records on file with the college will not be able to complete the clinical program. It is required that all health sciences clinical students carry health insurance. Each student must provide documentation of current health insurance coverage prior to the first day of classes. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain health insurance coverage while enrolled in the program. Before being assigned to a clinical agency, students may be required to show the agency proof of current health insurance. It will be the clinical agency, not the college that will make any final determination about clinical placement.If a clinical agency denies clinical placement for a student because of lack of health insurance,that student may not be able to complete the clinical program. 


    Special Advisement


    Nursing and Allied Health Programs Advising


    Bladen Hall, Room 124


    Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:30 am – 8:00 pm; Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


    You must be present 1 hour before closing for full service


    301.546.0151 Prior to registering for classes, it is strongly recommended that nursing and allied health program applicants meet with an adviser  to review special admissions procedures.


    Selective admissions programs have clinical phases of coursework that must be completed to earn a degree or certificate. The courses in the clinical phases are open only to those students who have completed the selective admission process and are officially admitted to the clinical phase. Students officially admitted will be notified by letter from the Admissions Office.


    Students who are interested in selective admissions programs are first enrolled in prerequisite courses and are designated as "petitioners" for their program of choice. The majority of students spend at least two or more semesters taking prerequisites, or preparatory courses, to become eligible for admission to the clinical phase of their program.


    Please contact  Advising Services for more information.  Advisers are available on a walk-in basis. For a check list of the entrance requirements to the Allied Health and Nursing Programs, click here.


    Special Admissions Criteria:  Nursing and Allied Health Programs

    Students should be aware that the courses and grades indicated below are the minimum standard to be met for program consideration.  Students applying for admission to certain Nursing and Allied Health Programs are required to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS-V). If there are more petitioners than seats in a class, then students will be ranked according to their qualifying GPA in all prerequisite courses required by the program in question and their cumulative TEAS score, if required. Students with the best qualifying GPAs and higher TEAS cumulative scores will be admitted first, followed by those with lower GPAs and lower TEAS scores, until the class is filled. Please refer to the Health Sciences Division website, Departments/Health_Sciences_Division/Health_Sciences_Division.aspx, for additional information

    Each health science clinical program requires that students complete certain prerequisite courses,listed below, with grades of C or higher, maintain a specified GPA, and meet program-specific requirements prior to petitioning for admission to that program. In some cases, students may petition while currently enrolled in their final prerequisite courses. 

    Students may repeat a prerequisite course only once to achieve the required grade. Please note that the criteria listed below are the minimum requirements for consideration. There is no guarantee of admission to any of these programs based solely upon meeting the minimum standard. 

    Health Information Management (A.A.S.) and Medical Coder/Billing Specialist (Certificate)

    Deadline for petitioning is May 1. If seats remain, petitions will be accepted through the end of the summer term.

    EGL-1010, INT-1010, and BIO-2050

    Eligibility for MAT-1120 (A.A.S.)

    Eligibility for MAT-0104 (formerly MAT-1040) (Certificate)

    An average GPA of 2.00 or higher for the three courses listed with no grade below a C

    TEAS-V required


    Medical Assisting (A.A.S.)

    Deadline for petitioning is May 1 for fall and November 1 for spring.

    Eligibility for EGL-1010 and MAT-1120 or higher is required


    Nuclear Medicine Technology (A.A.S.)

    This program begins only in the spring semester. Deadline for petitioning is November 1.

    The following courses must be completed prior to petitioning: BIO-2050, MAT-1350, PHY-1010, CHM-1010, and EGL-1010.

    An average GPA of 2.50 or higher for the five courses listed with no grade below a C

    TEAS-V required


    Nursing (RN and LPN)

    Deadline for petitioning for LPN is April 1 only.

    Deadline for petitioning for RN is April 1 for fall and November 1 for spring.

    EGL-1010, PSY-1010, BIO-2050, and BIO-2060

    RN only: NUR-1010 and MAT-1120 or higher

    LPN only: NUR-1000 and eligibility for MAT-1120 or higher

    An average GPA of 2.50 or higher for all courses listed with no grade below a C

    All science courses must be within 10 years of petitioning

    TEAS-V required


    Nursing Transition

    (LPN to RN and EMT/Paramedic to RN)

    The following courses must be completed prior to petitioning: EGL-1010, MAT-1120 or higher, PSY-1010, BIO-2050, BIO-2060, and BIO-2010

    Students are strongly encouraged to complete all other general education courses prior to enrollment in the transition course, NUR-1060 (LPN to RN) or NUR-1070(EMT to RN).

    An average GPA of 2.50 or higher for the six courses listed with no grade below a C


    LPN to RN also requires:

    Deadline for petitioning is March 1 for fall and October 1 for spring.

    Current Maryland LPN License (or Compact License from another state); see page 18 for special requirements for graduates of the Prince Georges Community College LPN program.


    Paramedic to RN also requires:

    Meeting with the Nursing Department chair by February 1 for summer.

    Current Maryland license as a paramedic and National Board of Registry Certification (NREMT)

    Must be a graduate from an accredited program.


    Paramedic (A.A.S. and Certificate)

    Deadline for petitioning is May 1 for fall and October 1 for spring

    Eligibility for EGL-1010 and MAT-0104 (formerly MAT-1040)

    EMT Certification

    ATI TEAS required



    This program begins only in the fall semester. Deadline for petitioning is May 1.

    EGL-1010, BIO-2050,MAT-1120 or higher

    An average GPA of 2.50 or higher for the three courses listed with no grade below a C

    TEAS-V required


     Respiratory Therapy 

    This program begins only in the fall semester. Deadline for petitioning is May 1.

    MAT-1120 or higher, EGL-1010, and BIO-2050

    An average GPA of 2.50 or higher for the three courses listed with no grade below a C

    TEAS-V required


    Surgical Technology (A.A.S.)

    Eligibility for EGL-1010 and MAT-1120 or higher is required

    Deadline for petitioning is May 1 for fall and October 1 for spring


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